(11-25-19) The ACAC announced their 2019 All-Conference football team.

The first team was dominated by South Adams with nine selections and Adams Central had six and Bluffton had five players.

The Starfires are represented on the first team by-

James Arnold
James Arnold
  • quarterback – James Arnold (Jr)
  • running back – Christian Summerset (Jr)
  • wide receiver – Drew Stutzman (Jr)
  • tight end – Nick Miller (Jr)
  • offensive lineman – Carter Lewis (Jr)
  • defensive lineman – Austin Gorney (Jr)
  • linebacker – Grady Sprunger (Sr)
  • linebacker – Nic Stuber (Sr)
  • defensive back – Aiden Wanner (Soph)
Nic Stuber
Nic Stuber

Adams Central had six first-team picks:

Dalton Gerber
Dalton Gerber
  • offensive lineman – Corbin Hirschy (Soph)
  • defensive linemen – Joseph Collier (Jr)
  • defensive linemen – Ben Voirol (Sr)
  • linebacker – Blake Heyerly (Soph)
  • defensive back – Dalton Gerber (Sr)
  • defensive back – Dallas Schwaller (Sr)

Dallas Schwaller

Jay County had one player named to the 1st team-

  • offensive line – Charlie Brunswick (Sr)

ACAC First Team


Offensive Line: Charlie Brunswick, 12, Jay County; Justin Burnham, 12, Heritage; Corbin Hirschy, 10, Adams Central; Carter Lewis, 11, South Adams; Ryan Thompson, 12, Bluffton.

Tight End: Nick Miller, 11, South Adams; Trevor Wallace, 12, Woodlan.

Wide Receiver: Drew Stutzman, 11, South Adams; Kain Thornton, 12, Bluffton.

Running Back: Cody Mittlestedt, 11, Bluffton; Christian Summerset, 11, South Adams.

Quarterback: James Arnold, 11, South Adams.

First Team Athlete: Jed Perry, 12, Southern Wells.


Blake Heyerly,
Blake Heyerly,


Defensive Line: Joseph Collier, 11, Adams Central; Austin Gorney, 11, South Adams; Jaden Keller, 12, Woodlan; Ben Voirol, 12, Adams Central.

Linebacker: Cam Coleman, 12, Bluffton; Blake Heyerly, 10, Adams Central; Keegan Jones, 12, Woodlan; Grady Sprunger, 12, South Adams; Nic Stuber, 12, South Adams.

Defensive Back: Dalton Gerber, 12, Adams Central; Dallas Schwaller, 12, Adams Central; Aiden Wanner, 10, South Adams.

Punter: Trevor Wallace, 12, Woodlan.

Kicker: Kody Kinsey, 11, Bluffton.

ACAC Second Team


Offensive Line: Caleb Augusberger, 12, South Adams; Beau Brooks, 10, Woodlan; Paul Faurote, 12, Adams Central; Bryon Hernandez, 11, South Adams; Orion King, 12, Bluffton; Clay Riddle, 12, Heritage; Josh Smith, 11, Adams Central.

Tight End: Hunter Teichman, 12, Heritage.

Wide Receiver: David Bischoff, 12, Woodlan; Joe Reidy, 10, Woodlan.

Running Back: Bailey Cox, 11, Jay County; Jacob Roemer, 9, Woodlan.

Quarterback: Hayden Nern, 11, Bluffton


Defensive Line: Braden Baumer, 12, South Adams; Kiel Eldridge, 10, Heritage; Lukas Hunt, 10, Bluffton; Chance Jacobs, 11, Adams Central; Kreigh Roush, 12, Southern Wells.

Linebacker: Dan Herschberger, 12, Woodlan; Rylee Huftel, 11, Jay County; Reece Johnston, 11, Bluffton; Gage Pritchad, 11, Heritage.

Defensive Back: Alex Currie, 10, Adams Central; Quinn Faulkner, 10, Jay County; William Fletcher, 12, Southern Wells.

Punter: Nick Miller, 11, South Adams.

Kicker: Aiden Wanner, 10, South Adams.