(12-22-19) The Mercer County League Report 2 features a lite week of action with only one game being played. After Christmas the MCL will be quite active. The girls will be in Celina to compete in the 34th OVISCO Classic and the boys will be in Coldwater at the Asset Allocation Classic. The two classics feature four MCL schools, Celina, Coldwater, Marion Local and St. Henry.

MCL Report - Report 2



St. Henry	1	0
Ft. Recovery	1	0
Coldwater	0	1
Parkway		0	1
Marion Local

12-13 St. Henry 60 Coldwater 49
12-13 Fort Recovery 58 Parkway 56
12-27 Coldwater vs Marion Local
12-27 St. Henry vs Celina
12-28 Asset Allocation Classic
TBA Celina at Marion Local 

1-3 Coldwater at Parkway
1-3 Marion Local at St. Henry
1-10 Parkway at Marion Local
1-11 Coldwater at Celina
1-24 Ft. Recovery at Parkway
1-24 Ft. Recovery at Coldwater
1-31 St. Henry at Parkway
1-31 Marion Local at Ft. Recovery
2-1 Celina at St. Henry
2-7 Ft. Recovery at St. Henry
2-14 Coldwater at Marion Local



Coldwater	2	0
Ft. Recovery	1	0
St. Henry	1	1 
Parkway		0	1
Celina		0	2
Marion Local	

12-10 Coldwater 45 Celina 27
12-12 Ft. Recovery 48 Parkway 18
12-12 Coldwater 37  St. Henry 22
12-16 St. Henry 63  Celina 25
12-23 Celina at Parkway
12-28 St. Henry vs. Coldwater
12-28 Marion Local at Celina
12-30 Holiday Tournament at Celina


1-2 St. Henry at Marion Local
1-7 Celina at Marion Local
1-9 Marion Local at Parkway
1-30 Ft. Recovery at Marion Local
2-6 St, Henry at Ft. Recovery
2-11 Celina at Ft. Recovery
2-13 Marion Local at Coldwater


St. Henry girls basketball coach Kyle Menchhofer earned his 100th career head coaching win vs Celina 63-25

The Mercer County League Files….

1958 St. Henry Redskins – Mercer County Tournament Champions – 19-4

In three games with Celina IC, St. Henry won all three…the scores of the games 19-12, 95-62 and 17-15. Interesting results.

SH 1958 Players.jpg

SH 1958 Schedule

To add a little extra excitement to this year’s (2019-20) high school basketball season SSN again will bring you the Mercer County League. Last season was the first year SSN introduced the (mythical) MCL.

All six Mercer County high schools are included, actual head to head match-ups between the schools that will determine a MCL champion in both boys and girls basketball.