1941 Mendon Union Boys BB

1941 Mendon Boys Basketball

(1-1-20) One thing for sure about high school sports in Mercer County, there has always been basketball. Over the years that included 12 different schools, today only 6 schools remain in the county.

1925-26 Celina IC
1925-26 Celina IC

In the past there was the Mercer County League, plus a tournament at the end of the year featuring all of the county schools.  Details are sketchy on who won those league and tournament championships.

1928 rockford

Some information is found in yearbooks of schools that are posted on various online sites, but schools like Celina IC, Neptune and Washington Township can not be found. Not all of the schools have all of their yearbooks online, but do have several available during various time frames.

Mercer County schools that have played high school boys basketball

  • Celina
  • Celina Immaculate Conception (closed at the end of the 1972 school year)
  • Coldwater
  • Ft. Recovery
  • Marion Local
  • Mendon-Union (closed following the 1991-92 school year)
  • Neptune (closed)
  • Parkway (1961 consolidation of Rockford and Willshire, Mendon-Union was added after the 1992 school year)
  • Rockford
  • St. Henry
  • St. John – (in 1955 St. John Schools become part of the Marion Local School District)
  • Washington Township (closed)

Do you have pictures and information on any Mercer County boys basketball team over the years, please feel free to share with us.

SSN’s Mercer County League

Why the MCL?

To add a little extra excitement to the high school basketball season SSN again will bring you the Mercer County League.

The first year SSN introduced the (mythical) MCL was in 2018-19.

All six Mercer County high schools are included, actual head to head match-ups between the schools that will determine a MCL champion in both boys and girls basketball.

2018-19 – St. Henry 6-1

2018-19 – Coldwater (5-2), Marion Local (5-2) and St. Henry (5-2)

1924-25 CHS Boys Basketball
1924-25 CHS Boys Basketball