(3-16-20) Thursday at noon Jerry Snodgrass and the OHSAA will hold a press conference. No topic was mentioned, but to most it is very evident.

Look for the spring season to be wiped out and finally the official cancellation of all the winter championships that had been postponed.  For some they saw a glimmer of hope with talk of moving forward, but for many who have followed all of this it was the ‘handwriting on the wall’.

Today more decisions like this have taken place in the world of sports –



Those two groups joined the NCAA who had already decided to eliminate spring sports.

The disappointment of student-athletes, coaches, parents and fans has to be one of the toughest things in their athletic careers and in our lifetimes. The most pain has to be for Seniors whose high school careers ended suddenly after training for a very short time. For underclassmen this disaster could follow then the rest of their high school careers, as state associations and schools have and will take major financial losses. Will they recover in the future to move forward?

After the panic has ended OHSAA members may want to look back on what has happened to see how a future issue like this can be handled, after all they are the ones who control the organization.

Looking at what has taken place in the last week…first it was announced on Tuesday boys regional games would be the last time a team would play in front of a regular crowd and that the remaining regional boys games would continue with limited spectators on Wednesday.  On Thursday morning at St. John Arena, just before the girls state tournament (teams were already warming up), it was announced that all games  had been postponed. Now after warnings from the OHSAA, that student athletes still competing in a possible continuance of a winter championship and those playing in spring sports, should stay away from non-school programs to be eligible for those high school sports. Now that won’t matter.

The question many are asking is why the choices were made and changed so quickly, let’s hope the press conference will answer many of the those questions.

No matter how you feel about the coronavirus issue, only time will tell if it was the right call. But for now the memories never created will be lost forever. This year will long be remembered as a year that started out with dreams and ended as a nightmare.

To many the cancellation tomorrow of the spring season will be the FINAL Disappointment for Ohio student-athletes.