(1-1-21) During the 1910-11 season Crystal Falls’ Ed Burling scored 97 points in a 107-27 win over Iron River. This is current standing record according to the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) for most points scored in a single-game in the state.

Crystal Falls Class of 1911

Based on what? That is the $Million Dollar question.

This record is based on a 1961 master’s degree thesis about the school’s athletic history by Dick Mettlach, a long-time Crystal Falls High football coach. No physical evidence has been found…scoresheet, newspaper article, yearbook…the date of the game is not known.

COMPLETE1961 master’s degree thesis

According to Ron Pesch, historian for the Michigan High School Athletic Association, he said the record stands because of his predecessor, the late Dick Kishpaugh, who determined that Burling should be given the top spot in the MHSAA’s record books.

Pesch told mynorth.com in a 2012 article

“My assumption is they had some document in hand and said, Yep, we’re buying into this. That’s why I’ve been very hesitant to yank it. But this is one I can’t prove. It’s really a mystery.”

The Diamond Drill – 3-25-1911

MHSAA All-Time Single Game (Minimum 60)
97 – Ed Burling, Crystal Falls (107) vs. Iron River (27) (1910-11)
84 – Ray Warner, Rapid City vs. Williamsburg (12-6-55)
84 – Anton Phillips, Glen Arbor-Leelanau vs. Freesoil (2-17-89)
83 – Dick Seagram, Detroit St. Martin vs. Detroit St. Philip (2-17-48)
73 – Larry Fogle, Detroit Cooley vs. Detroit Cody (2-4-72)
71 – Erwin Scholtz, Hermansville vs. Channing (2-17-61)
70 – Jim Smith, Ellsworth vs. St. Charles (11-20-51)
69 – Jim Manning, Trout Creek vs. Amasa (2-26-60)
67 – Roger Roell, Channing vs. Michigamme (1-5-60)

What should the MHSAA do with this record? A question that has been discussed over the years.