(1-20-21) During the pandemic many of us have had to find new sports entertainment…one sport that is followed around the world, but not in America is cricket.

Cricket can remind you of many different things…but what are they actually doing…a wicket? It sure is entertaining but very confusing. The same as we are seeing for Illinois high school sports.

You think Cricket is confusing figure this out ….

The IHSA announced that contact days for fall, spring and summer sports can begin Monday for schools in regions under Tier 2 COVID-19 mitigations or less restrictive levels, which also includes Tier 1 and Phase 4.

Also, schools in Phase 4, Tier 1, and Tier 2 can conduct weight training with masks and social distancing. Schools in Tier 3 will remain limited to one-on-one training with a coach and student-athlete.

So how would you like to be an AD, coach or student-athlete? God bless the IHSA staff who has had to go through ‘hell’ during this time…

All of sudden Cricket doesn’t seem so confusing.

Letters to Gov. JB Pritzker