(1-19-21) Yesterday the latest Ohio High School AP boys basketball polls were released. It seems the pandemic has eliminated every Midwest Athletic Conference (MAC) from the rankings.

Yes many know the MAC for football titles and dominance, but basketball has always been right there at that high level. Last season before the cancellation of the tournament Parkway was knocking on the door of a trip to Columbus.

2019-20 FINAL DIV Boys Basketball Poll

But in the final poll, posted before the tournament, the Panthers did not receive any votes…nil, nada….zip.

Versailles did end up in last year’s final poll at #3 with four 1st place votes.

So who votes for the top teams in Ohio? According to the AP –

How a state panel of sports writers and broadcasters rates Ohio high school boys basketball teams in the weekly Associated Press poll

If you go by how many 1st place votes are reported there are 20 voters this week. Interesting point, in D I and D III one team in each of those divisions received a 1st place vote are not included in the Top 10. (Centerville in D I and Greenview in D III).

The final measure of the top teams in, God willing, will take place in this year’s tournament.

Current AP Poll Results

COMPLETE: AP Boys Basketball Rankings

Stateline area teams–

1, Lima Shawnee (10) 13-0 183

4, Ottawa-Glandorf (1) 10-1 126

2, Columbus Grove (1) 7-1 131
3, Antwerp (3) 10-1 128
4, Ottoville 11-2 122
7, Kalida 11-2 70
8, Botkins 12-1 69

Others receiving 12 or more points: Lincolnview 13