(5-5-21) Yesterday was a big day for the Celina City Schools a major hurdle was jumped when a multi-million dollar building levy was passed. The new levy will help replace several old facilities with new state of the art buildings, including a new high school.

The famous Mark Twain quip:

“The report of my death is an exaggeration.”

Same can be said of the historic Celina Fieldhouse and Stadium.

In an email sent to SSN today from Dr. Kenneth J. Schmiesing, Superintendent confirmed the news-

The Fieldhouse is planned to continue to be used. Our plans included our building onto the north end of the Fieldhouse for updated ADA locker rooms which would serve both the basketball and football team’s needs.

Hoosier type facilities are some of the oldest remaining active in Ohio High School athletics. The Fieldhouse was built in 1939 and the Stadium was finished in 1941.

Over the years both have had upgrades, but still hold a lot of historic value.

It might be noted:

Several Celina sports do not use the Fieldhouse currently – wrestling uses the current Celina High School Gym and volleyball competes at the Intermediate Building.

Celina soccer teams currently play on their own field behind the current middle school.