(7-22-21) 2021 brings a new look to the OHSAA State Football Playoffs…16 teams qualify in each Region, double the number from 2019. Last season all teams were eligible to participate in the playoffs due to the pandemic, not all did.

29 schools are in Region 28 this year, one more then there were in the region in 2019. Of those 29 schools only 11 will not qualify for the playoffs.

The shuffling of schools since 2019 has Delphos St. John’s and Waynesfield-Goshen being moved to Region 26. MAC member St. Henry moved down from D VI Region 23 and joins Region 28.

(cover photo courtesy of www.pantherzden.com)

In 2019 the eight playoff schools had records of 9-0, 9-1, 8-2 (3 teams) and 7-3 (3 teams). Had 16 teams qualified, Southeastern Local, who was ranked #15, with a 3-7 record would have moved on. Two 4-6 schools also would have been in the playoffs.

Region Process:
The regions were redrawn based on the number of teams that requested to enter the 2021 OHSAA Football Tournament. Once we have the number of teams, we look at the “pins” representing each school in that division all over the state (see map below). We don’t keep counties together because the “clusters” of schools makes that impossible. As you can see from the map (below), schools can be pretty spread out.

Complete List of D VII Schools

2021 OHSAA Football Regional Alignments