HOOSIERS Special ( 3-7-14 ): Dave Schmidt talked with Laura (Robling) Lee who played Loetta, a Hickory Cheerleader in ‘Hoosiers’.

Loetta is the the only cheerleader in the movie with a speaking role. In the movie Loetta was the daughter of high school principal Cletus and his wife Millie. She was Buddy’s girlfriend. …

‘Hoosiers’ Deleted Scenes Complete The Story

Laura talks about finding out that some of her scenes were cut from the movie, including one of the most famous one when Buddy asks Norman Dale to rejoin the Huskers after leaving the team. She is featured in at least two other scenes that were cut, watching those scenes helps fill in the rest of the movie.

Laura was a cheerleader at Indianapolis Manual, pictured below is the 1985 Varsity team.

She is in the top row third to the right

if you are a “Hoosiers” fan you will love this interview .