Top row: Mia Fear, Lola Thompson, Colin Miltner, Izzy Fear, and Lauren Johnson Bottom row: Adrien Mott, Alysha Katterheinrich, Jessica Miltner

(8-2-21) Yesterday at the Auglaize County Fair Cheerleader Competition New Knoxville picked up the 1st place trophy in the non-tumbling division.

Rangers Cheer Coach Stacey Stetler

I am so proud of these cheerleaders! Our season doesn’t stop at the end of the school year. We practice through the summer preparing for cheer camp and competitions. They have spent so much of their summer in the gym preparing for this moment. Four of the 8 in the picture have never cheered high school cheer before, and we are competing against other Varsity squads with more experience! They never back down, and are always up for the challenge. As a coach, I am so proud of their spirit, energy, and determination!

Cheerleaders from the area competed in the event.