(9-20-21) In an August 5th story on the Stetson University athletic web site Luke Brown discussed his commitment to the Hatters pro gem –

“I just decided to commit to Stetson because it felt like a place where I could impact and a place where I can win. And that’s what I want to do is win.”

“We’re going to do everything we can to win the conference and to take this place to the tournament. And I’m going to do everything I can. I visualize everything, every workout, everything I do, I’m envisioning that.”

So what changed the fit for Brown to move on from Stetson before even playing a game for the Hatters.

Although Brown or Stetson hasn’t officially made a statement on the departure of Brown…numerous sources are reporting that Brown has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

From NCAA web site

There are several aspects of your college experience that determine when you may compete after transferring. Depending on your college experience, you may be able to compete as soon as you transfer or you might have to be enrolled full time for one academic year at your new school before competing. This time is called an academic year in residence and is designed to allow you to become comfortable in your new environment. You will need to work with the compliance office at your new institution to determine when you will be eligible to compete.

Brown who stated in the Stetson article that he was very close with his parents. How close are.they, very close, they recently relocated to St. Augustine (Fla) to be near their son. Many Hoosiers on social media are hoping Brown will return to Indiana.

All eyes in Indiana will be watching to see where Brown ends up…in today’s world of college basketball commitment it doesn’t seem to mean what it use to mean.


When you only commit to the people and things that are truly important to you, your career, or your company, the results are that your relationships will improve, you will be more successful in achieving your goals, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your journey. Your commitment does not end with the decision.

Brown’s Career At Blackford

Brown is No. 4 on the all-time Indiana High School scoring list, with 3,011 points in his high school career at Blackford in Hartford City, Indiana.

Ahead of Brown on the points scoring list…Damon Bailey (3,134), Marion Pierce (3,019) and Deshaun Thomas (3,018). He passed former Indiana Hoosier Romeo Langford (3,002) in his final game. 

Blackford finished the 2020-21 season with a 25-5 record. Brown had a 77-24 record during his four-year career at Blackford.

Brown’s #25 has been retired at Blackford.