(10-10-21) Today the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) drew ping-pong balls to determine the brackets for the 2021 State Football Playoffs. No teams are seeded …making some very interesting early game match-ups.

About the Draw
To conduct the random drawing for the football state tournament, the IHSAA places ping-pong balls representing each school in each sectional into a lottery-style air mix machine. A fan in the bottom of the machine blows the balls around the inside of the transparent container and air then forces each ball up through a tube in random order.

For example, the first ball retrieved from the machine will be the visiting team in game one with the second ball representing the home team in game one. The third ball to come out is the visitor in game two and the fourth ball the home team in game two.

That same method is followed through all 48 sectionals. In the case of five-team sectionals in Class 5A, the first two teams drawn will play the opening weekend of the tournament with the fifth team drawn receiving the bye and an automatic road game in the semifinal round against the opening game winner. The third and fourth teams drawn will play in the other semifinal game. In seven-team sectionals, the seventh team drawn receives the bye and an automatic road game in the semifinal round.

Schools Entered: 314 schools. 308 games will be played over the six-week tournament.

Schools Entered for First Time (2)
Hammond Central (Class 5A, Sectional 9).
Christel House (Class 3A, Sectional 29).

Schools Playing Up One Class due to Tournament Success Factor
Indianapolis Bishop Chatard (Class 4A, Sectional 22).
Western Boone (Class 3A, Sectional 28).
Lafayette Central Catholic (Class 2A, Sectional 37).

Schools Remaining in Higher Class due to Tournament Success Factor
Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger (Class 5A, Sectional 11).
Indianapolis Cathedral (Class 5A, Sectional 13).
New Palestine (Class 5A, Sectional 14).
Evansville Memorial (Class 4A, Sectional 24).
Southridge (Class 3A, Sectional 32).
Pioneer (Class 2A, Sectional 34

Stateline Area Brackets