(11-9-21) The ACME Baseball Congress Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of newly-appointed Commissioner, Ben Mauch.

Ben and his wife, MIkki, reside in Elida and are the parents of 5 active young adults. In addition to being the Continuous Improvement Manager at Continental in St. Marys, Ben is a highly-respected official for the OHSAA. His combined experiences
total thirteen years of baseball umpiring, twelve years of football officiating, and ten years of basketball officiating, as well as two years of umpiring at the collegiate baseball level.

Ben said:

“I’m honored to be Commissioner of ACME Baseball Congress, and I want to make sure to carry on the passion and love of the game just as our Founders did back in 1960.

I believe the vision of our organization is as simple as the ABC’s (ACME Baseball Congress):

● Provide an organization that allows Spring programs to play competitively
during the Summer by building team chemistry, a stronger foundation, and
allowing younger players to gain varsity-like experience.
● Provide more emphasis on the exposure our players, parents, and coaches
are looking for by incorporating a sports relationship management app such
as Sports Engine and using social media’s power through Twitter and
● Establish solid connections and relationships with PBR and our college coach
network by building upon the values of ACME.
● Provide our players and parents an organization that will offer most of the
same benefits as travel programs but at a much lower cost and time

For our organization to support our vision, we’ll constantly connect and gather ideas from the owners of ACME Baseball, who consist of our coaches, players, and parents.”

The ACME Board of Directors looks forward to applying his leadership and passion for the game of baseball to develop our presence further, enhance our coach and player experience, and continue to share the foundational values of ACME Baseball.

The ACME Baseball Congress story began in 1960, with the first organized Championships taking place in 1961. Gene Steiner, Henry Steiner, Lou Brunswick, Andrew White, Harold Faller, and Harold Siedell, among others, envisioned an organization to provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for high school baseball players to compete in the summers. They initiated the first ACME season with twelve teams from Auglaize, Mercer, and Van Wert counties playing for the State Championship in Rockford, Ohio. Sixty years later, ACME Baseball Congress still exists and has been the foundation of many Spring high school baseball programs.

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