(12-5-21) Yesterday the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) crowned seven state champions in Canton.

  • Division I – #1 seed Lakewood St. Edward (14-1)
  • Division II – #7 seed Winton Woods (13-3)
  • Division III – #1 seed Chardon (16-0)
  • Division IV – #4 seed Clinton-Massie (14-1)
  • Division V – #5 seed Versailles (15-1)
  • Division VI – #3 seed Carey (15-1)
  • Division VII – #1 seed Marion Local (16-0)

Teams qualify each year based on computer points, in the past eight teams in a region advanced to the playoffs. This season the number of schools moving on was doubled with sixteen teams making the cut. Teams are seeded based on the position they qualified, with the #16 seed playing the #1 seed, the rest of the seeding uses that format (#15-#2, #14-#3, etc).

This year three of six #1 seeds won titles, two of the championship games did feature both teams being a #1 seed.

The lowest seed playing in the title games was #7 Winton Woods, who won the D II Championship. The other three titles were won by a #3 seed, #4 seed and a #5 seed.

Private Schools and MAC Titles

Five private schools were in a state title game. Just one of them, Lakewood St. Edward, picked up a 1st place trophy.

The Midwest Athletic Conference (MAC) with three teams in three different title games, two of them won…Marion Local and Versailles.