(12-12-21) Saturday the Coldwater Boys Bowling team had a day to remember at New Bremen’s Speedway Lanes. First they beat Midwest Athletic Conference (MAC) rival Ft. Recovery 3078-2608.

In the Baker games they would make MAC history rolling a perfect 300 game in the 4th game. It is first one ever rolled in the MAC.

What is a Baker Game?

The OHSAA requires-

A minimum of two (2) regular games of tenpin regulation scoring followed by a minimum of two (2) Baker games will constitute an official, regular season match. Total combined pins for all games bowled win the match. Regular season matches (excluding tournaments) that bowl more than the minimum number of games as described above require the permission of the participating schools

NFHS Details

The Baker Format:

The format is named after Frank K. Baker, former executive secretary treasurer of the American Bowling
Congress, the predecessor to the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

Baker competitions are unique because they are always bowled as a team and every member must work
together on the same bowling game. Typically found in Collegiate tournaments, the Baker format comprises of a team of bowlers (usually 5), who rotate bowling in each frame in a game. This is much
different than a normal team event in which each bowler will bowl for their own individual scores. In a
Baker format, a higher emphasis is put on bowling as a team as each shot is absolutely crucial to your
team’s success. Resource Bowling Tourney.com

Frank K. Baker devised the Baker system of scoring in the 1950’s while he was Executive Secretary of the
American Bowling Congress. This system involves the lead-off person bowling frames one and six, the
second person bowling frames two and seven, and so forth.