(1-8-22) Anticipation grows among ‘Hoosiers’ movie fans about a possible Director’s Cut of the movie. In November of this year at the Hoosier Gym, a version that was put together with the deleted scenes was shown at the 35th anniversary of the film. The gym’s assistant events coordinator Zoey Hunsinger spliced and edited the movie for showing.

Why was Barbara Hershey so upset about several deleted scenes in the film? Those clips were of Myra Fleener and coach Norman Dale’s developing romance.

From Indianapolis Monthly article (11-22-2016) –

David Anspaugh: Barbara Hershey [“Myra Fleener”] was miserable a lot of the time. I don’t know whether it was Indiana or the weather. It was grim and depressing. And there were really no other women in the movie. She was kind of out there by herself. I think she thought the movie was about her and Gene and forgot about the other people.

Angelo Pizzo: I don’t believe Barbara had much respect for what we were doing, for us as filmmakers, for the script, for much of anything. She took the job to work with Gene Hackman. I’m sure she was disappointed that three of her scenes were cut from the movie—in fact, I know she was. She has refused to do publicity or make a single comment about the film ever since.

Angelo Pizzo Talks ‘Hoosiers’ Director’s Cut

Pizzo told the Indianapolis Star in November 22, 2021 –

“That’s my goal to actually do it. We’re going to do it at some point.”

Adding the deleted scenes will complete the movie the way it was meant to be seen. Fans will be happy to watch and enjoy it in its new form…let’s hope Barbara Hershey will be happy with the additions.