Jaylon Elmore

(3-7-22) Olathe East High School student and football player Jaylon Elmore (18) has been charged with attempted capital murder after allegedly shooting a school resource officer on Friday. Elmore was charged Saturday in Johnson County District Court. and his bond has been set at $1,000,000.

Three men were injured in the shooting, including school resource officer Erik Clark, assistant principal Kaleb Stoppel and Elmore. Later in the day Clark and Stoppel had been released from Overland Park Regional Hospital. As of Saturday morning Elmore remained hospitalized in critical condition.

Elmore is a Senior and was listed on the football roster as a DB/WR.

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3-6-22 — Message from the Superintendent

March 6, 2022 ~ In light of Friday’s events, I know many of us are still processing what occurred Friday morning and may have mixed feelings about returning to school or work this week. I want to take this opportunity to reach out and reiterate that the safety, along with the emotional well-being of our students and staff, is our top priority. While we hope and pray to never experience a situation like the one that occurred last week, our district has plans and procedures in place to ensure safe learning environments in all of our schools. The events at Olathe East were unimaginable, but I am so grateful that our safety procedures, including elements of ALICE, worked just as they were supposed to in order to prevent something far worse from occurring. I would encourage you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the safety measures we already have in place as a district by reading this article on our district website. 

In addition to the safety measures currently in place, we have planned for supports at all buildings throughout the district this week. We will have counseling services available to all our students and staff who need extra support, as well as additional law enforcement units visibly present to reinforce a sense of safety and security.  

Most importantly, one of the greatest safety measures we have in place is the positive relationships between our students, staff and families that provide an open line of communication and safe place for community members to come forward and share concerns when they arise. These trusted relationships allow our district and local law enforcement to react in a timely manner to address concerning situations. 

I know many of you have questions about Friday. However, we do not have all the answers as this is an ongoing investigation. Right now, our main priority is focusing on moving forward together as a community. Our district has planned a Blue and Orange day this Wednesday, March 9, and I would encourage all our families and schools to participate to show your support of Olathe East using #OneOlatheFamily on social media.  

I have also received several messages from families asking what they can do to help. I truly believe the best thing we can do right now as a community is rally around our students and staff. Talk with your student about reporting concerns to district staff or law enforcement, listen to your student and help them process any feelings they may have, model appropriate behaviors and demonstrate healthy ways to cope with stress, and most importantly, if you see something, say something. Attached is an incredible resource from the National Association of School Psychologists that gives tips for talking with students about traumatic events. 

While we cannot take away the hurt and fear from Friday, I know that as a community we can wrap our arms around one another and heal together. I am so grateful for our Olathe community and know that we can overcome anything together, stronger, as one Olathe family. 


Dr. Brent Yeager