(9-1-22) Over the years Indiana schools have consolidated districts to save on funding. In the spring of 1965 Harlan schools announced they would close and send students to Woodlan in neighboring Woodburn, Indiana.

Woodlan had already cosolidated and was built cooperatively between the Milan Township and Maumee Township school districts for the 1959-1960 school year. The name Woodlan was a combination of Maumee township where Woodburn (Wood) is located and Milan township (lan) to create the name Woodlan. Harlan High School consolidated into Woodlan in 1965.

This year Woodlan looks to honor those early days of what makes up the tradition of the boys basketball program.

From the 1966 Woodlan Yearbook ‘Arrow’, the History of the Class Of 1966

The very first Woodlan Warriors basketball team (1959-60) after the consolidation-