(9-16-22) Tipp City Schools are pretty proud of Tippecanoe football player Gordon Haas. Instead of protesting the lack of seating capacity after new bleachers were recently installed…he decided to go to work and quickly found a way to finance new portable bleacher additions..

From Tipp City Schools-

Join us in giving a loud shoutout to Tippecanoe High School student Gordon Haas who took a problem and found a solution. When this Miami Valley Career Technology Center. student realized the new bleachers had less seating for fans, he asked the school district for permission to bring portable bleachers in for the remaining home football games. He found the vendor, secured a contract, and raised the funds for the incredible project! He surpassed his goal of $4,500 in less than 24 hours! Gordon looks forward to seeing the student fans and hearing them cheer on the football team Friday night. THIS IS AMAZING, GORDON! Way to go! #WEareTIPP

The gofundme page raised $8,848, this is what the gofundme page said –

Hello all, My name is Gordon Haas, I’m a Tipp city student and a varsity football player. This fundraiser is for rental bleachers for the Tipp city schools student section. We are all aware of the changes that were made and many people were upset. I took some time to get permission and approval from the schools and the city to have bleachers brought in for the remainder of all Tipp home games down at the park. By donating to this you will help us reach our goal. The bleachers can be delivered by Friday morning as this is a last minute thing. We live in a great community with a lot of support. This is not school affiliated (just for permission) this was a personal choice to take this on!

Tonight Red Devil students will be able to use those new bleachers when undefeated Tippecanoe hosts Stebbins. Haas #76 and is a starting lineman…he for sure is a team player.