(9-17-22) Last night Columbia City picked up a 42-7 win over DeKalb in a NE8 game. The Eagles win was highlighted by a new running back sensation Riley ‘The Fridge‘ Tucker (5’11” 290 lbs Senior). Tucker following his blockers would bust into the end zone in the 2nd quarter for the final score of the night.

NOTE: Great positioning and camera work by Zach Groth (ESPY worthy)

Linemen scoring TDs were highlighted during the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl Season when William ‘The Fridge’ Perry (335 lbs) ran in for a TD in the win over New England. It wasn’t the first time he did it, earlier in the season he did it and even caught a TD pass during his career.

Last night Tucker gave old-time football fans a flashback to that season.

William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry over the top at Super Bowl XX

1985 – William Perry Touchdown Catch Against the Packers