(10-21-22) Last night in Wisconsin High School football Fennimore beat Boscobel 41-7. The highlight that many will remember is when Boscobel’s John O’Neill (Sr 6’0) drop-kicked the extra point. The Bulldogs who finished the season 1-9, scored just 41 points during the season, shut out five times didn’t give O’Neill to many opportunities to drop kick it fo an extra point. Last night he did.

The Drop Kick-

A kick made by dropping a ball to the ground and kicking it just as it starts to rebound. The drop kick can be used at the high school level, college and in the NFL.

The drop kick was often used in 1920 and 1930’s football as a surprise tactic. The ball would be snapped or lateraled to a back, who would fake a run or pass, but then would kick the field goal instead.

So how rare is the drop kick? Well, the last time a NFL player executed a successful dropkick in a game for a score was in 2006 when QB Doug Flutie kicked an extra point using one. Before that, the last time a successful drop kick was performed was back in 1941.