(10-23-22) On Friday the Northwest District Athletic Board (NWDAB) made an announcement that will change the seeding process in the district in boys and girls basketball tournament seeding. The change to this system will be the first time that coaches did not vote on the seedings.

Martin RPI will be setting the seeds in a pilot program. Bracket placement will still be done by the the coaches.

According to the Martin RPI web site…

RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) is a quantity used to rank sports teams based upon a team’s wins, losses, its strength of schedule, and its opponents’ strength of schedule. There are currently eight states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, & Washington) that use RPI to rank teams in order to seed/rank teams for postseason tournaments in a manner that is fair, uniform, and completely objective.

My RPI Formula = (WP x __%) + (OWP x __%) + (OAOWP x __%) + (L1 Pts x __%)

  • WP: winning percentage. Just your good ol’ wins and losses.
  • OWP: opponents’ winning percentage. Basically just a rating of your strength of schedule.
  • OAOWP: opponents’ average opponents’ winning percentage. An example for this would be like saying Ohio State gets more points for beating a 15-3 Michigan State team than Dayton would get for beating a 15-3 Davidson team. This is because Michigan State’s 15 wins come against much tougher opponents playing in the Big Ten than Davidson’s opponents in the Atlantic 10 Conference.
  • L1 Pts: Leveled point system that gives you more points for beating bigger schools.