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A look behind the scenes at Hoosier Lottery drawings

(1-17-23) The Indiana High Schools Athletic Association (IHSAA) will be doing basketball tournament drawings in the next couple of weeks. Turning computers, formulas and technology to the side…as well as wins and losses. The ‘blind‘ ping pong draw steps forward to decide the next IHSAA boys and girls basketball champions for 2022-23.

So why does Indiana still use ping pong balls in the selection process? Good question we’ve never seen an answer from association officials…but according to what has been indicated in the past the answer seems to be...’that’s the way we’ve always done it’.

So if this is the process for now and the future, let’s give suggestions on how to make the ping pong balls the ‘stars of the show‘ and profitable.

Show the actual ping pong balls being selected just like they do on the lotto TV shows.

Ping pong balls are always used to select future millionaires in lottos from across the country. Each night the drawing are shown on local TV stations with the selection of the winning numbers. It’s a big production (see video above). So now instead of the IHSAA just telling us the bracket draw on selection day let’s watch the actual drawing. This way the association can find sponsors for it…how about the ‘Hoosier Lottery” IHSAA Tournament Draw...after all pro sports are now making money from gambling apps like FanDuel. The ping pong draw is a great gambling tool and now pro sports are profiting from it….time for the IHSAA to do the same.

Each number ball could have a sponsor….like this.. Joe’s Garage Lucky #7. Imagine the sponsors lining up for this.

How about an official ping pong ball being named…it would be very profitable.

Here is how the current IHSAA drawings take place –

From the IHSAA –

About the Draw
To conduct the random drawing for the girls and boys basketball state tournament, the IHSAA places ping-pong balls representing each school in each sectional into a lottery-style air mix machine. A motorized fan in the bottom of the machine blows the balls around the inside of the transparent container and air then forces each ball up through a tube in random order.

For example, the first ball retrieved from the machine will be the visiting team in game one with the second ball representing the home team in game one. The third ball to come out is the visitor in game two and the fourth ball the home team in game two. That same method is followed through all 64 sectionals and 16 regionals.

There you go…turning what some would say is ‘lemons‘ into ‘lemonade‘.

Did you know…

Ping Pong balls should be used for –

  • bingo games
  • beer pong
  • table tennis