Thanks to Coldwater Athletic Department for portions of this story and picture

(2-12-23) The Coldwater Athletic Department is currently in the process of purchasing a much needed scoreboard to replace the current one at the stadium which is nearly 25 years old.  The current scoreboard is a bulb-based scoreboard which is no longer made and hasn’t been for nearly 20 years.  With some current mechanical issues, fading, and bulb issues…the new scoreboard is a LED scoreboard with a 10mm video board.  During the process of evaluating the change it was discovered is that some of the current standards are out of code and will need to be corrected.

This scoreboard will be 100% privately funded and will not be ordered until ALL funds/donations are secured through contracts.  The scoreboard will be similar in size to the current one with it being 32’ in length.  It will be a little taller with the truss on top and the addition of a video board which will be used to help raise funds.  The video board will be similar to what you see at other stadiums but will NOT be the large jumbo video you see as that does not fit the need of the stadium.  The video board will be 9’ x 16’ and the resolution will be the current highest that is used on video boards.

Businesses posted below, that have already agreed to sponsor the new scoreboard, to allow the much needed upgrade.  Ads are officially sold out.  Other businesses in Coldwater were willing to sponsor as well…unfortunately ad space was not available at this time.

  • The Peoples Bank Company
  • Mercer Health
  • Performance Physical Therapy
  • Lefeld Industrial & Welding Supplies
  • Superior Credit Union
  • Football Golf Outing Group
  • Ray’s Refrigeration, Inc
  • Mercer Color Corporation
  • Do Right Painting
  • Coldwater Dental

At Tuesday’s Valentine’s Day meeting of the Coldwater Schools Board of Education the board will accept donations made for the scoreboard project –

The total listed above comes to $67,500. All from private resources.

Ohio High School athletic departments, mostly thanks to the pandemic, have lost financial income due to some changes in how the OHSAA distributes tournament funding, including ticket income…and even charging member schools participation fees for competing in provided sports offered by the schools.