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Remy says ‘Thank you’


From the FACEBOOK page of Corbin Bultemeier (Remy’s Dad)

(12-8-16) Continued improvement for Remy, see the words of a loving Dad below after the injury took place.

The Love of a Father

(December 4th) It’s been nearly 16 hours since Remington was injured in a freak incident while wrestling in a tournament yesterday. When I rushed onto the mat Remington simply looked up at me and said,

“Dad I broke my neck…..I can’t move or feel anything.”

The world seemed to instantly stop. It seemed doubtful that I would ever see him walk again. After 10-15 minutes or so he began gaining feeling in his hands and feet. Over the next several hours., movements also came back but he was suffering from pretty severe neck pain. The first person that he requested to talk to was Pastor Dahling, whom he asked to pray for him and ask God to forgive all the sins he’s committed.

We made the trip to Riley (Hospital) in Indianapolis by mobile ICU. We were greeted by a crew of 12-15 trauma Doctor’s and nurses upon arrival They did X-ray’s and a full array of other tests within minutes of the arrival. During initial exam, it was determined that he had gained most of his strength and feeling back but do to some limitations that they found they felt that he had suffered some degree of trauma to his spinal cord. The staff performed an MRI in the early morning hours. Just a few minutes ago the surgical physician was in with his recommendations. He informed us that there was some significant damage to the ligaments holding the vertebrae together in turn eliminating the support of his spine. He recommended surgery for tomorrow to do some fusing of the vertebrae together to stabilize the spinal column. He said they would likely get him up rather quickly to begin working on his mobility. One devastating bit of information that Remington received was that this injury may end Remy’s career in contact sports. Although we know this is so small in the grand scheme of life, it’s as devastating to Remy as anything he could have heard this morning. His passion for wrestling and football was rather obvious with the success that he’s had with his short career.

He has shed a few tears this morning after receiving the latest news. The question that’s going through his mind is why God has allowed such freak accidents to happen to him this year, not once, not twice but 4 times to the same same year. He also knows that if it wasn’t for God looking out for him, he likely would have never walked again. GOD IS GREAT! We just need to see the new path that God has in store for Remy. Thanks so much to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers!

You can help Remy and his family through this time of recovery –

Remington Bultemeier’s Medical Fund

Money will be used for medical expenses, and any money left over will be donated to Riley Children’s Hospital.