RPS 205 Football Field at Rockford (Illinois) Guilford HS

In June of 2014  the longest-tenured coach known during the NIC-10’s existence was released after being the Head Track Coach at Rockford (Illinois) Guilford for 47 years.

69 Year old Lee Marks – told the Rockford Register-Star

“It was not my choice. They (AD and Principal) looked at me and said they want to go in a different direction. I don’t know what that direction is.”

According to the Register-Star story the Athletic Director said he could not comment on the story and was told that all questions about Marks should be sent to the RPS District 205 communications office.  When asked about Marks release the answer from officials was –

…we don’t comment on personnel issues, even if it was for a tribute story.

The trend continues at the Rockford school district, numerous long-time coaches have been released.  The communications department continues to not comment on ‘personnel issues’ and still avoids telling school district residents the reason for the changes.  (It is important to note, that this is a public school district with tax-payers paying for the operation of the school system and administration.) Many current coaches are now concerned that their fate will be handled in the same way.  The turmoil and distrust in the four school’s athletic departments is quite obvious and an issue that has intensified.

Shelli McGinley – recently released Guilford Cheer Coach –

I would never coach for an RPS205 school again due to their treatment towards me

Since it is obvious what the answer would be, the RPS 205 communications department or RPS 205 administrators were NOT contacted, since the reply is already known and will be the same as in the case of Coach Marks.

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out