(3-28-17) RPS 205 (Rockford, Illinois) is in search for another Athletic Director, this time at Auburn. Sean Norton is presently the Knights AD, he took over the position in July 2015  replacing head football coach Dan Appino, who remained at Auburn as a counselor and and the head football coach.  Appino, was the AD for one year.

The Athletic Director merry-go-round changes continue at RPS 205, late in 2016,  Michael Armato replaced Cory Espensen, who returned to Rockford University to become the Regents’ associate director of athletics. Espensen was only at East for 1 1/2 years. East football coach Gary Griffin, who had been Lutheran’s AD before he took the E-Rab football job, replaces Armato at East.

To this point only one RPS 205 school has not had an AD change the last couple of years, Guilford, August Toldo is the current AD and has been place since RPS 205 AD Mat Parker took over.

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Job Posting on RPS 205 web site—

Assistant Principal – Athletics Director 2017/18 School Year JobID: 6117

  •  Position Type:
    Administration/Assistant Principal – High School


  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    Auburn High School

Job Description

JOB TITLE:  Assistant Principal of Athletics and Facilities

JOB CODE: 7050
DEPARTMENT:  Administration
SUPERVISOR:  Building Principal 

DATE:  March 24, 2017


Assists Building Principal in all facets of the athletic department and programs, including the monitoring of school athletic budgets/expenditures.  Assumes responsibility for functions of building principal in his/her absence. Administers student personnel program and counsels students relative to educational and co-curricular activities.   Reports directly to the Building Principal.


Certified and non-certified staff as designated by principal.


  1. Under the supervision of the Building Principal manages all extracurricular activities, the Athletic Department, and facilities.
  2. Supervises the staff within the building Athletic Department.
  3. Coordinates with the IT Department to provide appropriate technology related to the Athletic Department and programs.
  4. Monitors and evaluates Athletic Department and programs to insure a safe and healthy school environment.
  5. Oversees all deliveries to school related to athletics.
  6. Evaluates PE and Health staff members in accordance with District procedures and timelines.
  7. Assumes any other duties as may from time to time be delegated by the supervisor and the supervisor may make any adjustment in the scope of responsibilities as outlined above.
  8. All actions must be in concert with the mission statement, beliefs, objectives, and parameters found in the strategic plan of the Rockford Board of Education.


Master’s degree from an accredited college/university and Illinois State Board of Education
Type 75 Administrative Certificate
Training or course work in a variety of research-based techniques/programs
Training or experience facilitating groups and working with adult learners
A thorough knowledge of all IHSA rules, regulations
Experience as an athletic coach
Training or course work in the administration and analysis of assessments and the use of data
to guide instructional practice and intervention.


Job requires substantial knowledge and skills relating to the duties and responsibilities identified above, also the ability to work in a diverse client population. Basic knowledge of computers and current technology is needed.


Type 75 Administrative Certificate
Master’s degree; Experience in public school administration; proven record of providing equity in a public agency or school leadership; Management and leadership skills are adaptable to public relations, human relations, equity principles and planning capability.

This description is written primarily for position evaluation purposes.  It describes duties and responsibilities, which are representative of the nature and level of the work assigned to the position. The essential duties are representative and not necessarily all-inclusive.

LENGTH OF WORK:  12 months