(4-6-17) Below is the release of the divisions for football, volleyball and soccer under the new Competitive Balance plan.  The information was released early this morning,   the site was experiencing heavy traffic andwas down for a short-period of time.

The plan will rock a lot of thoughts across the state.

The new formula saw three of the six Stateline area schools drop a class in volleyball.

  • Celina – II
  • Coldwater – III
  • Ft. Recovery – IV – moves down due to EMS
  • Marion Local – IV
  • Parkway – IV moves down 1 division due to Competitive Balance
  • St. Henry – IV moves down 1 division due to EMIS (enrollment) numbers (or through a combination of EMIS plus CB)

Ft. Recovery, Marion Local and Parkway drop from D III to D IV for next season.

Soccer saw area teams remain in the same division.

  • Boys – Celina – II
  • Girls – II
  • Girls – Coldwater III

There will be lots of talk about this before the start of the football season. The five Stateline area MAC schools are now all in Div VI with the new plan being used for the first time,  Coldwater moves down a division and Ft. Recovery moves up a division. Wow! that will change the State football playoffs this coming season!

  • Celina – III
  • Coldwater – VI – Down 1 division due to Competitive Balance
  • Ft. Recovery –  VI – up one division due to EMIS
  • Marion Local – VI
  • Parkway – VI
  • St. Henry – VI
 Release from OHSAA-
COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 6th, 2017) – New divisional breakdowns for the upcoming fall sports, which for the first time include Competitive Balance roster data in football, volleyball and soccer, were approved Thursday morning by the Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors during its April meeting. Division assignments are based on school enrollment numbers provided by the Ohio Department of Education, and then modified in football, volleyball and soccer based on Competitive Balance factors that OHSAA member schools approved by referendum vote in 2014.
Of the 718 schools that play football in Ohio, 75 schools moved up to a higher division due to competitive balance and/or a higher base enrollment number. In volleyball (790 schools), 51 moved up a division. In girls soccer (522 schools), 24 moved up a division, while in boys soccer (571 schools), 30 moved up a division.
Dr. Dan Ross, OHSAA Commissioner
“This is a journey that we have been on for more than eight years to get to this point. Today’s approval of the fall sports divisional breakdowns is the result of countless hours of work by our staff and our member schools. For the first time in OHSAA history, enrollment isn’t the only factor in determining a school’s division in certain sports. But the journey isn’t over. We will study the results of this first go-around and discuss with the Competitive Balance Committee and the board.”
According to Competitive Balance regulations, the previous season’s roster data (grades 9-12) is used for affecting the following season’s additional roster count in the selected sports. The additional roster count is added to the school’s base enrollment number to determine the final adjusted enrollment count before divisional placements are made. More information on Competitive Balance, which affects baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball and volleyball, is posted at: http://www.ohsaa.org/School-Resources/Competitive-Balance-Resource-Center
Dr. Dan Ross, OHSAA Commissioner
“The committee studied the competitive balance factors and we listened to the feedback from our member schools. As we’ve said all along, our goal is to keep public and non-public schools together in the same postseason divisions, but Competitive Balance will help place those schools in the correct division based on the makeup of their roster. We are very pleased that this is now off the ground and we can see the results. We’ll continue to gather feedback and see what changes, if any, the committee wants to propose to the membership to vote on in the future.”
Winter sports divisional breakdowns will be presented to the board at its June meeting and spring sports will be presented in August.
2017 Football Divisional Assignments:
                  2017 regions and playoff format will be announced June 6.
2017 Volleyball Divisional Assignments:
2017 Soccer Divisional Assignments:
2017-18 and 2018-19 Base Enrollment Numbers and Process Explanation:
2017 and 2018 Girls Golf
Division I – 255 and more girls (161 schools)
Division II – 254 and less girls (160 schools)
2017 and 2018 Boys Golf
Division I – 277 and more boys (215 schools)
Division II – 151 to 276 boys (214 schools)
Division III – 150 and less boys (217 schools)
2017 and 2018 Girls Tennis
Division I – 304 and more girls (200 schools)
Division II – 303 and less girls (200 schools)
2017 and 2018 Girls Cross Country
Division I – 325 and more girls (167 schools)
Division II – 163 to 324 girls (167 schools)
Division III – 162 and less girls (167 schools)
2017 and 2018 Boys Cross Country
Division I – 311 and more boys (199 schools)
Division II – 161 to 310 boys (201 schools)
Division III – 160 and less boys (200 schools)
Upcoming Dates for Divisional Breakdowns and Competitive Balance Roster Data Implementation: