Ken DuBose
Ken DuBose


(8-4-17) A telephone call from Coach DuBose, he tells us that after he considered resigning and asking for some time to make that decision, upon advice from others he decided not to go that direction.

The next RPS 205 regular BOE meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday (8-8-17) and at that time according to the district’s statement they will ask the board to terminate DuBose for not following procedural ways at Jefferson.

No word yet on what actions the BOE will take on the future of the Jefferson football program. (the board agenda is not on the districts site at this time). Former Christian Life Head Coach Tony Ambrogio is on the staff and was the J-Hawks offensive coordinator and could be a candidate for the position.

In might be noted that Mat Parker, the districts Director of Athletic Activities & Program Development was out of town and did not attend the meeting when DuBose was notified of his situation.


(8-3-17) The soap opera continues in Rockford, Illinois in the four-high school RPS 205 School District. The last several years has seen a massive turnover of coaches at all four schools in almost every sport.  Many who are veteran coaches and a majority of them were non-rnewed or terminated.

Today in a Rockford Register-Star story, Ken DuBose says he was called into the School District Administration Building and met with School officials, including the Jefferson AD and Principal.

DuBose told the paper:

“They wanted me to resign based on my inability to follow procedural ways at Jefferson. That’s the way I went, with the resignation deal, but it’s not what I wanted to do.”

This afternoon RPS 205 released a statement on the situation with Jefferson Head Football Coach Ken DuBose that came from from Mat Parker, the districts Director of Athletic Activities & Program Development and  Jefferson High School Principal Don Rundall.

“An ongoing matter involving Jefferson High School Head Football Coach Ken DuBose was brought to our attention. DuBose’s employment with RPS 205 has been terminated, pending Rockford School Board approval. This is a personnel matter, and we’re unable to provide further comment. Coaching plans are pending for the upcoming Jefferson J-Hawks football season.”

DuBose says that he had resigned, while RPS 205 says in the above statement that he will be terminated approving Rockford School Board approval.

DuBose told the newspaper that he feels he was under pressure to leave due to Jefferson AD Mike Armato, who transferred to Jefferson from East at mid-year during the last school year.

He gave four reasons—

  • Too many posts on social media
  • The J-Hawks branding themselves as “the bird gang.”
  • DuBose said he was criticized for driving some players to practice.
  • DuBose said Armato was unhappy with the coach’s interaction with referees and crowd after Jefferson lost to undefeated NIC-10 boys basketball champion Boylan by one point in the Jefferson Class 4A Regional final.

When he was hired in April of 2015 Mat Parker told the Register-Star:

He’s an accomplished football coach and recruiter who understands what it takes to play at the next level, both academically and in football.


Mel Gilfillian
Mel Gilfillian

DuBose is the second RPS 205 coach to disappear after last season, Guilford’s veteran Head Coach Mel Gilfillan resigned in February after going 1-9 on the year.

Shelli McGinley

Last year in August just before the school started another very public termination took place in the RPS 205 system when Guilford’s Competitive Cheer Coach Shelli McGinley lost her position when the school supported a disgruntled parent.