Joaquin Estrada
Joaquin Estrada – picture courtesy Van Wert (Ohio) Youth Football Facebook page

(8-25-17)  The above picture and story was on Facebook on the Van Wert (Ohio) Youth Football Page this past week.

So glad I was able to get this picture before my phone died….too many great pictures today… But this was my favorite picture of “Van Wert Youth Football at it’s finest!!” Joaquin Estrada stopped immediately in his tracks as soon as he heard the National Anthem playing on the adjoining Soccer field. While there are not many so called professional players earning my respect these days, this young man sure does! Great job Joaquin!!!! You make us proud!!!

With the start of the high school football season tonight, SSN asked coaches in Ohio and around the Midwest to comment on possible ‘kneeling’ of players in tonight’s games.  No coach, AD or administrator replied to our request for comment.

Van Wert and all of his family, coaches and friends should be very proud of Joaquin Estrada for setting the example that many adults should have been setting for him.

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