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(8-25-17) Today a story in the Lima News by Jose Nogueras Ada Head Football Coach Bob Olwin has strong opinions on the OHSAA Competitive Balance Plan, Marion Local and Coldwater.

“I don’t know much about competitive balance but I don’t like it. Marion won state 300 times and there still right there at bottom and how is that competitive. Coldwater has won state nine out of 12 times and they are still in Division VI. I don’t get it.”

“I’m not sure why it is there. If you won a state, weren’t you supposed to move up one or two divisions and I did not see that much going on. Heck people came down so I don’t know how they figured it.”

Coldwater Head Coach Chip Otten talked to SSN about the new plan:

I hope it is just the way the #s came out and not a way to stop MAC schools from reaching the state tourneys. I guess it does stink that some of the best programs over the years could possibly meet early in the playoffs. But it has happened for years in the other sports around here. Volleyball comes to mind when our MAC great MAC teams beat each other early in the tourney and roll to the state. Just thankful to be in a great league and hopefully the numbers will change a bit in the next few years.

Parkway Head Coach Shane Wellman, told SSN this summer its tough for a program like Parkway to compete with the new plan:

Our region is a tough one and it just got tougher. If we can get to the playoffs we are sure to play a team or two we have already played during the regular season. I find it disappointing that the OHSAA has lumped almost all of the MAC teams in division 6. Parkway for example where I coach is an uphill battle to compete in the MAC year in and out. We are rewarded if we make the playoffs by facing division 5 and 6 champions for the last five years.

It all starts tonight on the field, in ten weeks we will know how the plan works for everyone. The key to success, win games and qualify for the playoffs.