(1-3-18)-  Olentangy Berlin High School is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018, with that comes a lot of excitement. The opportunity to become a part of a new school is pretty exciting, especially in athletics.

Bears Banner

Even the naming of the mascot and school colors is a big part of starting off new school spirit.

According to the Olentangy school district web site:

Both the school’s name and its mascot are part of the area’s history. The school is named in part for the road it is on, its location in Berlin Township and one of the original schools – Berlin School – that comprised the local schools in the area through the mid 1900s. The schools eventually consolidated to become what is now the Olentangy Local School District. The mascot name further honors the original Berlin School, which also used a Bear mascot. The color selection represents a new complimentary color to the Olentangy blue, without using surrounding districts’ colors or colors from any one middle school, as students will be coming from multiple middle schools to Berlin High School. Additionally, it allows students to set new traditions for their high school. 

The mascot and colors were determined based on feedback from the community. In July, a survey was shared with the entire Olentangy community, receiving over 2,500 responses. From those 2,500 responses, the mascot selection was narrowed down to the top 25 and the color selection to eight options. Next, the future Berlin High School community was given the opportunity to submit their feedback. Over 1,000 responses were received, allowing for a top 10 to emerge for the mascot and a top four colors.  

Berlin will be the 4th high school in the district, joining Olentangy HS, Liberty and Orange.

Berlin is starting off remembering the past and beginning a new brand new tradition in the right way.