(1-4-18) With the recent developments of the Northern Illinois Big 12 athletic conference and the future of DeKalb and Sycamore still hanging in the balance, how does the NIC 10 figure in the mix.


Belvidere North AD Jody Flynn, in a response to SSN, answers in a statement to our questions –

  • Could DeKalb and Sycamore be future NIC 10 members?
  • Would the two Belvidere schools considering joining the NIB 12 left-overs and possibly Burlington Central?

What is taking place with the NIB 12 is definitely interesting. Conference realignment seems to be taking place throughout the state in recent years. The NIC-10 is not currently looking to expand, nor have we been approached by any of the NIB 12 schools about joining our conference. Belvidere has a long tradition with the NIC-10 and is not actively looking to join another conference or form a new conference.

Sycamore and DeKalb enrollments are in line with other NIC 10 members-


  • Harlem 2,092
  • Hononegah 2,074
  • East 1,994
  • Auburn 1,865
  • DeKalb 1,790
  • Guilford 1,721
  • Jefferson 1,632
  • Belvidere North 1,508
  • Belvidere 1,263
  • Sycamore 1,254
  • Freeport 1,189
  • Boylan 895 (without multiplier)

NIB 12 members, plus Belvidere, Belividere North and Burlington Central enrollments-

  • DeKalb 1,790
  • Yorkville 1,746
  • Belvidere North 1,508
  • Kaneland 1,343
  • Belvidere 1,263
  • Sycamore 1,254
  • Burlington Central 1,049
  • Sterling 998

Note of interest-

North Central Illinois Conference was formed in 1929 with charter members being Belvidere, DeKalb, Dixon, Mendota, Rochelle and Sterling.

The NIB 12 schools left behind are hoping to have their situations finalized as soon as possible in effort to help with future scheduling.