(1-11-18) – Changes continue to take place around the state.

The Frontier Athletic Conference is seeking two schools for its league. We primarily are a Division II conference located in the Southeast District of the OHSAA.

Please contact Commissioner Terri Tutt with questions or information at


The Frontier Athletic Conference was established in 2017 and currently consists of 6 teams from various counties in Southern Ohio. Washington Court House, Miami Trace, Hillsboro, Greenfield McClain, Chillicothe, and Jackson. Five of the six schools came from the South Central Ohio League (SCOL).

Chillicothe Superintendent Jon Saxton told the Chillicothe Gazette in March of 2016 why five schools left the SCOL:

“The key issue that eventually caused the departure was brought forth by another school district that either wanted the league to expand or look for another league. That’s ultimately why the superintendents got involved. Usually, when it comes to high school athletics, the principals and athletic directors take care of things. But when issues involve entire communities and school districts, the superintendents step in.”

Ohio high school athletic conferences continue to be very unstable. Chillicothe is a good example of movement, they have been a part of three different athletic conferences over the past 10 years.

  • Ohio Capital Conference – 1977-2006
  • Southeastern Ohio Athletic League – 2007-2012
  • South Central Ohio League – 2012-2017