(3-22-18) It is time for a drastic change in the NIC 10 membership and now would be a good time to do it. With numerous conferences in Illinois re-adjusting what their memberships look like it would benefit the conference to consider a change at this time.

Simple Plan-

  • Ask the four RPS 205 schools to leave
  • Should RPS 205 decline, the remaining six can withdraw (form a new conference, leave the name behind)
  • Six remaining schools should ask DeKalb and Sycamore to join them. (If Sycamore does not want to enter, there is a possibility of several Big Northern schools who might be interested)

Why should the RPS 205 schools be asked to leave?

  • The current administration that is in place seems to have forgotten that there are six other schools that are a part of the conference.
  • This includes the dropping of the Rockford Jefferson girls basketball team who forfeited all 16 conference games this season,.
  • Disrupted ‘social issues’ at conference games that have caused some uneasiness with the other six members.
  • The transferring of top student athletes among the four RPS 205 members at their pleasure.
  • The by-laws give the four RPS 205 schools a sort of ‘veto power‘, it is a not a majority vote that passes by-laws in the conference, it is a percentage vote. 40% of the vote comes from the district group, enough to stop items from passing.

Voting of all-conference teams and coach of the year gives them additional power when they select those awards.

Will it happen, what do you think? Comments welcome below.