(3-28-18) During its annual Michigan High School Athletic Association Winter Meeting on March 23 in East Lansing the Representative Council discussed the possible changes that might be considered in the transfer rules.Possible action could be taken at its final meeting of the school year in the spring, scheduled for May 6-7.

The MHSAA has facilitated nine months of discussions with leagues and administrative groups across the state to develop a transfer proposal that would make the transfer rule sport-specific, a rule that bases current eligibility on the sports an athlete has participated in in the past. The proposed new rule would make transferring students ineligible at a new school in the sports they played the previous year at their old school. However, transfer students would be immediately eligible in any sport they didn’t participate in the previous school year. A list of exceptions, including a change of residence, would still allow for transferring students to become eligible in all sports.

The Council discussed how support for this potential transfer rule change has grown, and suggested the MHSAA send further explanation of the proposal to school superintendents and principals before the meeting in May.

MHSAA Executive Director John E. “Jack” Roberts

“Since last summer, there has been membership-wide discussion of proposals that pursue the elusive goal of adopting a transfer rule that is simpler and easier to understand and, therefore, more consistently enforced. There appears to be broad consensus that we are on the right path.

If adopted by the Council in May, the full effect of the changes would not be felt until the 2019-20 school year. What sports are actually played by a student during 2018-19 would determine that student’s eligibility after a transfer for 2019-20.”