(4-17-18) Kaneland officials told the Kane County Chronicle today they have been offered a one year membership (2019-20). According to the article, membership would include voting rights and the eligibility to win conference championships, but would not be able to vote on membership issues

Why just a one year membership offer?

One reason of several possible reasons, include the I8 needs an 8th member in a hurry after Geneseo suddenly pulled out after committing to the conference.

Another reason, DeKalb and Kaneland are being considered for NIC 10 membership. NIC 10 officials will be doing a site visit on April 25th. On May 2nd the NIC 10 will give a presentation to Kaneland officials. (no indication on DeKalb’s visit)

Current Kaneland AD Peter Goff finds himself in a rather unusual position, next year he will become the new AD at DeKalb. The Barbs hope to join the NIC 10 , since that seems to be their only serious option at this time.  A full-commitment from Kaneland, would give DeKalb almost no chance of joining the NIC 10. That would leave Goff in a bad spot with his new employer and scheduling nightmares for him for the future.

For Kaneland they seem to have a new conference home no matter what happens, DeKalb could still be looking after all of the smokes clear.


The NIC 10 Conference vote will depend on the four RPS 205 schools, the four votes they have would veto any expansion. The other six schools are at the mercy of the minority of members thanks to voting procedures, a vote of 6-4 does not work.