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(4-15-18) –

Storyline: DeKalb and Kaneland are hoping to be accepted by the NIC 10 as teams  as members #11 and #12 sometime in May. Both schools are two of three schools remaining left from the break-up of the NIB 12.

The Barbs current AD,  Nic Kearfott, announced in March that he was leaving at the end of the this school year to become the AD at Normal Community. This left DeKalb with no conference and no AD. The DeKalb board on Tuesday night will hire current Kaneland AD Peter Goff.

Plot twist: Now Kaneland has no AD and no conference.

Plot twist #2: One of the finalist for the DeKalb job was a current NIC 10 AD (maybe he will apply at Kaneland?)

Dramatic twist: During the AD/Principal meeting to discuss the possible expansion, RPS 205 administrators (all four schools) had to interrupt the talks and step out and talk amongst themselves about future expansion before the meeting resumed.  *RPS has four of the conference 10 votes

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Peter Goff



The Book On Peter Goff

  • DeKalb – to be named 4th AD in seven years (Tuesday – (4-17-18)
  • Kaneland – current AD (since 2014)
  • Sycamore – Dean of Students