(5-18-18) According to a Fish Report tweet (see above) New Bremen will be hiring a new boys head basketball coach to replace replace Adam Daugherty who just ended his 7th season as the Cardinals Head Man. During that time he went 72-94, this past season he went 11-14 and 3-6 in the MAC.

Former Houston Head Coach Brad Francis will be the new man to lead the Cardinals, this will be his 2nd head coaching job. Francis was Houston’s head coach for one season during the 2016-17 season.

Francis told the Sidney Daily Call after he had resigned:

“There was an opportunity that came about, and Treg and I are going to pursue it,” And I couldn’t do both because it will take too much time.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. Like I told my wife, you can’t coach varsity basketball and be less than 100 percent committed. That’s not being fair to yourself, the kids or the school.”

Francis, before he took the head job at Houston, had been an assistant at Lehman Catholic ( 2 years), Russia (18 years), and St. Henry (1 year).