(6-20-18) It looks like the private school membership of the Alabama High School  Athletic Association (AHSAA) has flinched and left one of their own, St. Paul’s, to fend for themselves in the current lawsuit against Alabama’s competitive  balance changes.

Representatives of 29 of the Alabama’s 51 private schools met in Montgomery this week to discuss the possible impacts of the federal civil lawsuit that was filed by St. Paul’s against the Alabama High School Athletic Association. The result of the meeting produced a letter of support for the AHSAA.

While all of us disagree with the decision to combine the competitive balance system with the multiplier, we believe it is in the best interest of all of the student athletes of the state of Alabama for the AHSAA to continue to exist in its current composition. Moreover, we support the procedures, processes, and bylaws of the AHSAA. Finally, we believe that productive dialogue, not litigation, has the best chance to advance the interests of high school athletics in the state of Alabama

One item that was missing was any mention of St. Paul’s in the letter.

23 of the 29 schools in attendance at the meeting signed the letter and sent it to the AHSAA.

To add another curve-ball to the situation, Judge William H. Steele submitted an order yesterday  afternoon that he will rule on the federal civil lawsuit against the Alabama High School Athletic Association without a hearing and canceling one that was to be held this Friday.. No word when the Judge will reveal his ruling.

Portion of the order stated –

In particular, the Court finds that an evidentiary hearing is not required by Circuit precedent in the circumstances presented here, and that oral argument is unnecessary to supplement or clarify the parties’ comprehensive written submissions.

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