Corey Freed

(6-20-18) – Dayton Public School’s Board of Education on Tuesday hired Findlay, Ohio native Corey Freed as the new head football coach at Dayton Dunbar, he replaces coach Darran Powell, who has coached the team the last five seasons.

Freed has coached in Texas, he has been the Freshman football coach at Waco and the Defensive Coordinator at McGregor. Freed was hired in May as a teacher at the school.

Dayton BOE Meeting 6-19-18 – several of the many who voiced their opinions in support of Coach Powell –


Dunbar over the last several years has had plenty of distractions coming from its football and basketball programs and is presently on probation (as is the District) with the Ohio High School Athletic Association. With all of those issues taking place DPS has made numerous administration and coaching changes at Dunbar and that also led to the re-assignment of the Districts’ Director of Athletics.