Yorkville-West Aurora

(6-21-18) Two schools gave expansion  presentations to members of the Southwest Prairie Conference on Monday.

Dr Lane Abrell, Superintendent, Plainfield Schools
I can tell you the SPC meeting was held and information was presented by the principal and athletic director or assistant athletic director from each prospective high school seeking admission.   I don’t anticipate any official action until the next SPC meeting in late July.  I don’t know the date of that meeting.

The two schools who are interested in joining the SWPC is Yorkville and West Aurora.  For Yorkville they are hoping for a decision very soon, the Foxes will need a conference home after the upcoming school year is completed.  Their current conference, the Northern Illinois Big 12, will be dissolving.  Depending on if and when the SWPC decides on expansion, Yorkville could be facing a year or two as being an independent. One remaining NIB 12 member who most likely will be an independent after this school year is DeKalb, it seems the options are few and far between for the Barbs.

West Aurora is presently a member of the Upstate 8 that has gone through several membership changes over the past several years. The good news they will still have a conference home no matter what takes place with the SWPC.