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(10-22-18) For many years Kenton was known as a ‘football school’ under former Head Football Coach and AD Mike Mauk. The Wildcats football team was constantly in the news, even the national spotlight. But during that time the rest of the Kenton athletic department struggled…a lot. The Wildcats had a long streak of years placing 10th in the All-Sports Trophy standings.

Since Mauk left you can see many positive changes in other sports, no longer just a win, they have become very competitive in numerous sports, especially in conference place.

Since Mauk’s time as AD, two men have been the AD’s, that is when the change started. Mike Leddy was the first and held the position for three years before he left for a new job with the Findlay City Schools. Replacing Leddy was Joseph (Joey) Day who took over in July of 2017. During this time of change you could see the Wildcat overall athletic  program make positive moves.

This year the Kenton’s boys soccer team won their first WBL title in school history, plus a sectional title last season, and still playing in the tournament.

The girls soccer team picked up a sectional title, beating St. Marys 1-0 in OT this year, another first for the Wildcats.

The girls cross country team advanced to the regionals, another first.

An impressive fall season for the Wildcats.

Adding the soccer title could just be the start, it has been a tough few years for Kenton, but the future looks bright.

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Did you know….

Mike Mauk retired, but the school board decided not to rehire him after he made that choice.

Kenton has won just 35 WBL titles, just six in girls sports, 10 of the championships have come in football.