(12-17-19) A recent Facebook group posting by Lisa Saunders in If you grew up in Niles/SW Michigan then you remember what…..who…. shows a side of high school sports that doesn’t often get the needed attention it deserves.


According to Niles Daily Star sports writer Scott Novak in his game article

Friday night’s game was emotionally charged from the outset, with play getting more physical by the minute before Portage Northern standout Myles Johnson tried to dunk, landed awkwardly and suffered a compound fracture to his leg.

Officials rushed onto the court, and got Johnson’s leg immobilized under the direction of Niles trainer Bob Taylor. He was taken to South Bend, where Portage Northern officials commented via Twitter that he had a successful surgery.


Niles team huddle

Family. Compassion. Unity. These are the words that describe what was witnessed Friday night at Niles High School.

During the Niles Vikings Boys Basketball varsity game, a player from the visiting team endured a horrific injury, leaving the crowd startled and in disbelief.

I was relatively close to Niles’ bench as I heard Coach Touhey say to his team,

“Boys, lets pray for this young man.”

Without hesitation, every player and coach stood up, formed a circle and with their arms wrapped around each other, they prayed.

This is Niles. This is the definition of family. Of compassion. Of unity. Thank you young men. You can win every game for the rest of the season, and I don’t think I would ever be as proud to be a Viking as I was last night.

In another posting in the Niles Vikings Boys Basketball Facebook group shared some good news-

We received good news about the player from Portage Northern yesterday. The potential severity of the kind of injury he experienced could have been career ending. All the glory goes to GOD!!