(1-16-20) At the January Illinois High School Association Board meeting it was decided that the association would help with scheduling issues caused by the change in plans to go to Districts.

IHSA Board Recap –

The Board held a discussion on football contracts as it relates to the anticipated IHSA district football system. In 2018, IHSA member schools voted to implement a district system beginning in 2021 that would require schools to schedule games in Week 1 and Week 2. The IHSA would then schedule all other games. The district system was rescinded in a member school vote in 2019 and will not be used in 2021 or beyond. After the initial vote, some schools had already begun scheduling games for Week 1 and Week 2 of 2021. After its discussion, the Board made the interpretation that the Executive Director can provide relief for schools from Week 1 and Week 2 contracts in 2021 due to the elimination of the district system.
IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson:

“We have many schools who are members of  conferences with 10 teams or more, where their entire football schedule is made up of conference games. Some schools in that situation scheduled games in Week 1 and Week 2 of 2021, but no longer require them because of the elimination of the district system in January. The Board felt like these teams should be allowed to compete in their conference as they usually would, and not be held to those Week 1 and Week 2 games they contracted in 2021 because of districts. I believe the number of schools in this situation will be minimal, but we have heard from a few, so it was important for our Board of Directors to provide oversight on how to handle them.”