(4-20-20) Today the hopes of all Spring Ohio High School student athletes came to an end when Governor DeWine ordered schools to remain closed for the rest of this school year.

No official statement or release from the OHSAA, but the doom is in the air.


  • To: All OHSAA Member Schools Superintendents, Principals and Athletic Administrators
  • From: Jerry Snodgrass, Executive Director

Today’s Announcement to Cancel Schools

As we have stated in our previous communications, today’s announcement by Governor DeWine to close schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year also will now result in the cancellation of OHSAA-sponsored spring sports seasons including tournaments.

Moving Forward

I want to stress the ‘uncertainties,’ but as we now look into the summer and the fall, we will communicate plans/adjustments to our regulations as uncertainties become realities. I want to assure you that we are looking at everything. For example, when the first decision to close schools was made, we looked at eligibility concerns. About three weeks ago we began looking at all models if fall sports’ seasons were affected – still an uncertainty. We are looking at everything from ‘physicals’ (and the potential difficulty of getting them) to the possible need to treat/disinfect artificial surfaces. We will pass along guidance and regulation adjustments as uncertainties become better understood. We are drawing on a long-established OHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Group for professional recommendations for many of these concerns and issues. This is a reminder the current no-contact period remains in effect at least through May 3. Any adjustments/extension to this will be communicated in advance of that date. Ninety-four percent of current respondents to Friday’s survey of member school administrators would expect this to be extended to June 1.