(4-21-20) Cheerleaders have been a big part of high school athletics for many years. It has developed into a recognized athletic competition in many states with competitive cheerleading state championships. Unfortunately, Ohio is not one of those states, although the Ohio High School Cheerleading Coaches Association does provide that opportunity and does it very well.

Colleges now give scholarship for cheering, today’s cheerleader is more then just a pretty face. Tumbling has been incorporated and team work during a routine has to be perfectly  coordinated.

Cheerleading squads can be found at almost every Ohio school. Overlooked most of the time, it is time to give these student-athletes credit for what they have accomplished.

SSN is happy to announce our SSN Cheerleader of the Year.

Marissa Tangeman

Marissa Tangeman – Marion Local (Junior)

Marissa, a Junior,  has been cheerleading for Marion Local since the 7th grade.  She is currently a varsity cheerleader at Marion Local for both football and basketball. She also has been competing with a non-school related All-Star Team since the 8th grade.

She is very dedicated and pushes herself to achieve her tumbling goals, jumps and motions. She also motivates the rest of the girls to do their best.  She currently can do multiple back handsprings in a row and has done as many as 12 in a row at a basketball game this past year. She also has her standing tuck, round-off backhand tuck and is working on a lay-out. Marissa loves being a cheerleader and entertaining the crowds at the games.

She hopes to cheer in the future at a college for an all-girls team.

Over the decades….

1945 Rockford High School

1945 Rockford HS Cheer

1950 – Celina High School

1950 Celina Cheerleaders Betty Lou Davis, Lelah Florence, Ruth Hainline and Joyce Voegele
Betty Lou Davis, Lelah Florence, Ruth Hainline and Joyce Voegele

1960 – Mendon-Union High School

1960 mendon-Union Cheerleaders

1970 – Coldwater High School

1970 Coldwater Cheerleaders

1980 – St. Henry High School

1980 St. Henry Cheerleaders

1990 – Parkway High School

1990 Parkway Cheerleaders

2000 – Marion Local High School

2000 ML Cheerleaders

The History of Cheerleading…

This year 2020 –


2020 Coldwater Fall Cheer

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celina cheerleaders
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2020 Parkway Cheer

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Ft. Recovery (Five Seniors)

2020 FR Cheerleaders