(7-2-20)  During a special July 2 meeting, the Forest Hills Board of Education voted 4-1 to approve the retirement of the Anderson (Ohio) High School Redskins logo. The decision comes after years of community discussion, input and significant work to support inclusivity and diversity across the district.

The vote was held virtually in a special meeting of the board. The special meeting was called, according to the meeting notice, “to discuss, consider and vote on a motion to retire the Anderson high school mascot.”

Forest Heis, board president
“We serve a passionate community and the Board of Education respects the many different voices invested in the future of the mascot. Now is the time to unite with the common goal of selecting a mascot that celebrates Anderson’s proud traditions of academic and athletic excellence.”

The district will soon announce a process and guidelines to select a new mascot and brand for Anderson High School. The process will be comprehensive and will include students, alumni, staff and community participants. The logo, which has been in place for more than eight decades, will be phased out in stages. This process will begin during the 2020-2021 academic year.


Scot Prebles, superintendent

“Next steps in the process will begin in July and will include the creation of a timeline and the organization of a committee charged to lead the transition. As the careful allocation of fiscal resources is always top of mind, the school will also launch a fundraising committee to ensure this transition takes place in the most cost-effective manner and using private donations to the greatest extent possible.”

You Tube from 2014  –

How with High Schools deal with a possible change of it’s nickname in the future. Anderson (Ohio) is the featured school who has no plans to change it anytime soon.






Board member Elizabeth Barber said –

“The Redskin as a fixture in public education is distracting and divisive to the two things that matter most: education and unity.”


Barber also said the nickname makes some feel unsafe, and that –

“children who don’t feel safe or included cannot learn effectively.”




Board member Patty Taylor voted against the motion.

The motion specifies taxpayer money will not be used in retiring and removing the logo and nickname. A fundraising effort will seek money from private donors to offset the costs involved.

The change of the mascot name comes amidst the recent outcry of ‘racism’ in America. With statues being torn down and defaced, it is no surprise that this has happened, will it continue? The Anderson situation has gone on for several years, current tensions brought it back for the final time.

In the Stateline area several schools still have ‘Redskins’ as their mascots, including St. Henry, Wapakoneta and Ft. Loramie.