(7-23-20) The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) Board of Directors held a Zoom meeting tonight…with several thousand interested viewers watching it online. For the FHSAA it has been a ‘soap opera‘ week on deciding on how to handle fall sports, especially football.

The FHSAA board of directors voted 11-4 tonight to postpone all fall sports until August 24th, almost one month later then the July 27th date that was approved this past Monday by a 10-5 vote to keep the calendar the same.  Summer conditioning workouts can continue.  The board plans to meet again on August 17 to discuss more about the virus spread and possibly moving forward. Summer conditioning guidelines and policies remain in place.

During the meeting FHSAA board president elect Lauren Otero said that a survey she had sent out…359 of 396 public schools across 47 of the state’s 67 districts had already pushed back fall start dates.

Florida, another big football state, joins other states like California, Texas and Wisconsin to delay the start of fall sports.

Tonight’s FHSAA Agendaincludes the Sports Medicine Advisory CommitteeReport

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